It takes a team of qualified individuals to execute an event plan.  Our team comprised of experienced event professionals to assist you from planning, designing, promoting to on-site coordinating.  We also have an extensive list of vendors that we partner with and we will assist you to carefully select vendors who can meet your expectation and budget.  Our team is here to ensure your event is a success and your guests will only go home with the greatest memorable experience.

About the Founder

Our founder, Peyying Chi, was born and raised in Malaysia. She had lived in Singapore, Sydney, Chicago, San Francisco and is currently living in New York City. Her experience and expertise spans over a wide range of skills, she pays great attention to details and is passionate for every part of the production and design process, she ensure every event is produced to the highest possible standards and transforms visions into truly unforgettable events.

Peyying attended college in Australia and graduated with Bachelor of Business in Accounting. She is an CPA and has worked as auditor for PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte & Touché.  However, she never let go of her creativity passions for events. During her off time from auditing, she actively involved in many non profit organizations and local communities helping them organizing events.

In 2012, Peyying decided to move to New York City and work full time as event planner. She has worked in various events including New York City Marathon, US Open (Tennis), MyFace, Starlight Children Foundation, HealthCorp by Dr. Oz, Tribeca Film Festivals, Winter Film Awards, New York City Wine & Food Festival, etc. Currently, she is also a Marketing Consultant for Grace Gallo New York Italian designed clothing company and an Event Production Manager for SR Socially Relevant Film Festival and Gala Producer for New Asia Chamber Music Society.

Besides her passion and love for events, Peyying also likes to travel.  She has traveled and backpacked to over 30 countries and hundreds of cities. She enjoys the diversity and learning different culture.  She believes traveling not just broaden her vision but also giving her the creative inspiration and she can easily work well with clients of different background.

Peyying is constantly seeking for new creative ideas to ensure each event is unique and special. Together with her creative skills, she is working closely with the team from beginning to execution and always ensure a smooth and flawless event.

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